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Integrated Service Company LLC (InServ)
1900 North 161st East Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74116

Phone: (918) 234-4150
Product Category(ies): Specialty Process Equipment, Tanks, Refractory & Insulation, Process Vessels & Columns, Piping: Fabrication, Parts, Service, Misc. Process Equipment, Contractor; Construction, Contractor; General, FCCU Equipment, Fired Heaters, Furnaces & Boilers, Flare Systems/Incinerators, Inspection
Description: Turnaround and project services including construction, specialty welding, maintenance, unit revamps, refractor services, fabrication, heater design, installation and performance studies, above ground storage tank construction, maintenance and inspection.
Onsite Contact:
Mr. Gordon Hampton
Vice President Business Development
(918) 234-4150

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