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Apache Industrial Services, LLC.
250 Assay Street
Houston, TX 77044

Phone: (281) 477-0331 x230
Fax: (713) 477-3693
Product Category(ies): Scaffolding, Specialty Process Equipment, Tanks, Rotating Equipment & Compressors, Reliability, Refractory & Insulation, Process Vessels & Columns, Piping: Fabrication, Parts, Service, Painting, Coating & Fireproofing, Misc. Process Equipment, Asset Management, Consulting, Contractor; Construction, Contractor; General, Contractor; Specialty, Contractor; Engineering, Expansion Joints, FCCU Equipment, Fired Heaters, Furnaces & Boilers, Flare Systems/Incinerators, Heat Exchangers, Heat Treating, Inspection
Description: Hands on soft crafts: fireproofing, metallizing, and insulation.
Onsite Contact:
Sam Navarro
Director of Business Development

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