• 2015 International Lubricants & Waxes Conference

    2015 International Lubricants and Waxes Conference

    Thursday, November 12 - Friday, November 13, 2015
    Hilton Post Oak
    2001 Post Oak Boulevard
    Houston, TX 77056

    Cancellation and Other Policies

    By registering for this meeting you signify that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by AFPM's policies on registration, housing, cancellation, spouse/guest registration, and fees.

    REGISTRATION POLICY: Those who are present at the site of an AFPM meeting and/or occupy a hotel room in the AFPM room block to conduct business with industry personnel gathered for that meeting are expected to register for that meeting and pay the registration fee, whether or not they attend a specific function.

    FEE POLICY: Eligibility for rates:
    Member Fee - The member rate is based on membership information currently on file with AFPM. If your company is not currently a member, the non-member fees will be charged to your credit card.
    Local Fee - Eligibility for the local fee is limited to those who will be commuting from home to the conference each day.

    SPOUSE/GUEST POLICY: A guest is a spouse/significant other, friend or an adult child (18 years old or older) who is not in an industry-related occupation. A co-worker, an associate or spouse who works within the industry may not use the Spouse/Guest Registration category. Children under 18 are not permitted in the exhibit hall.

    CANCELLATION POLICY: Registration cancellations may be made on-line or submitted in writing and faxed to 202.835.0467 or e-mailed to LW@afpm.org. Substitute conference registrations may be made in advance or on arrival with no penalty, and must be submitted in writing to LW@afpm.org.
    Cancellations may be made by October 13, 2015 with no penalty. Cancellations made on-line or written cancellations postmarked, faxed, or emailed between October 14 and October 27, 2015 will receive a refund of fees, less a $50 processing fee. No refunds after October 27, 2015. No telephone cancellations.

    By registering for this conference, I hereby grant AFPM, its licensees and assigns, the right to use my name, biographic material, as well as, photos, or videos taken of me during the conference in news media, websites, publications, programs, articles, and/or marketing materials.


    The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (“AFPM”) has adopted the following “Ethical Responsibility and Professional and Personal Conduct Code” (hereinafter, “the Code”). Every member of AFPM, their designated representatives, and non-member attendees at all AFPM meetings and forums agree to abide by the Code as a condition of membership in AFPM and attendance and participation at AFPM meetings and forums.

    The Code requires the following of all individuals attending AFPM meetings and forums:

    • Adherence to the AFPM bylaws and the AFPM policies and procedures, as adopted by AFPM’s Board of Directors.

    • Strict compliance with antitrust laws.

    • Adherence to all applicable federal and state laws.

    • Maintenance of the highest level of professional and personal ethical behavior while attending AFPM meetings and forums.

    • Prevention of certain behaviors, including harassment, violence, intimidation and discrimination of any kind involving race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or, where applicable, veteran or marital status.

    • Assurance that conduct at all times and in all professional and personal dealings with each other and other attendees is with the highest level of integrity and courtesy.

    • Sharing of knowledge and expertise as speakers at AFPM educational events and sessions whenever practicable, without soliciting or explicitly promoting their own organization's products or services.

    • Working to instill public and consumer confidence in the petrochemical and refining industries, its member companies, and its professionals, avoiding any action conducive to discrediting members of AFPM.

    • Refraining from scheduling general attendance meetings, receptions or other events at times that conflict with substantive programming or social events at AFPM meetings without express written permission of AFPM.
    Failure to abide by the Code may result, for the first offense, in informal censure of a company or individual by the AFPM Executive Committee. If violations of the Code continue after such an informal censure, a company may be subject to expulsion from AFPM, or an individual to exclusion from participation in AFPM activities, by the Board of Directors.

    ENTERTAINMENT POLICY: We ask your cooperation in observing Association policy on activities held in conjunction with any AFPM meeting:

    Meetings or social activities should not be scheduled that take registrants away from AFPM programs and AFPM-sponsored activities;

    * Any company sponsoring a function to which 25 or more people are invited should outline its plans for advance approval by AFPM. In general, such functions will be approved if they do not unduly take registrants away from AFPM-sponsored activities;
    * All representatives of companies sponsoring hospitality activities are expected to register for the meeting;
    * Hospitality suites are expected to close by 1:00 a.m.;
    * Food, beverage and service personnel (bartenders, hostesses, etc.) must be obtained through the hotel catering department;
    * Suite promotional activities are to avoid the use of elaborate entertainment, expensive door prizes, suite attendance solicitation by individuals who are not full-time employees of the sponsoring company, or other similar activities.