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Eurecat U.S.
1331 Gemini St.
Suite 310
Houston, TX 77058

Phone: (281) 218-0669
Fax: (281) 218-9850
Product Category(ies): Catalysts
Description: Eurecat delivers a full line of catalyst treatment services to the refining industry including Regeneration of Hydroprocessing Catalysts, Totsucat® Preactivation of Hydrotreating and Hydrocracking Catalysts, and RAISE™ Reactivation of Palladium Catalysts. PASSIVATION is available for loading Totsucat® preactivated catalysts in air. Eurecat also offers high activity regenerated and/or rejuvenated catalysts and nickel sulfur guards for sale.
Onsite Contact:
Mr. James Campbell
Regional Sales Manager
(713) 594-6395

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