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The Dow Chemical Company
2211 H Dow Way
Midland, MI 48642

Phone: (989) 663-6436
Fax: (713) 978-3680
Product Category(ies): Catalysts, Process Technology & Licensing, Process/Water Chemicals
Description: Dow has an extensive portfolio of specialty amines, including UCARSOL™ Solvents, which are formulated to meet the unique goals of each refinery. These solvents do not only remove H2S and other hard-to-treat sulfur species. They are formulated to reduce amine losses, minimize corrosion and energy usage, and/or increase system capacity. We also license process technology to produce oxo alcohols which may be used as fuel additives and offer complementary catalysts for the production process.
Onsite Contact:
Mrs Anna Stewart
business development manager
(281) 966-4295

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